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Dark Days – Featured Cycle – Natalie Wynn

DarkDaysNatalieandbabyI am asking for stories (or just tidbits of stories) from women and cis-females of struggle, health, and everything in between regarding the cycles that govern our reproductive and creative potential.  If you would care to share your story, anonymously or not, please do so by contacting me on Facebook, Twitter, or via email.

Natalie used to struggle with her menstrual cycle, dreading its onset and repeating the agony each month.  A shift in perspective, habit, and attitude has not only dramatically reduced her suffering, she has also found a deeper sense of honoring and love for her body.

How can we celebrate within the our body temples?  How can we celebrate and manifest health on our own terms, in our own fashion?  How can we make life more ceremonial?

Thank you to Natalie, whose menstrual reverence and knowledge of magical herbs inspires me.

Continuing from Dark Days Pt 5.  Continuing to Dark Days Restore and Rebirth

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